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( Fried Cheese )
Vegetarian Recipe Recipe Contains Dairy Products
Add a squeeze of lemon and hopefully it will counter the cholesterol. Despite the obvious health implications, just remember that the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world. :)

Servings: 2

Credits: Eat Greek Tonight

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Saganaki Ingredients
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1/8 Cup Butter ( Unsalted )    
1/2 lb Cheese ( Kefalograviera )    
2 Pinch Flour ( All Purpose )   Optional. 
1 Whole Lemons   Squeezed 
Saganaki Directions
Cut the cheese into a slab about 3/4" thick.

Moisten the cheese with water. Wipe off any excess. Rub the flour on evenly to each face of the cheese.

Heat the butter in the frying pan and sear the cheese.

As the cheese starts to brown pour the lemon juice over it and remove from the heat.

Serve hot with fresh pita or bread for dipping.

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This variation uses egg to create a light coating.

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