A spicy cheese spread.

Credits: MELISSA

MELISSA's Other Contibutions:
Soften cream cheese in large bowl with mixer.

Add feta, lemon juice, and white pepper.

Slowly add olive oil until all of the oil is absorbed.

Mix in half & half until the mixture is smooth and soft.

If the mixture is hard, add a little more half & half to soften.

Add roasted peppers.

Serve with bread.

Quantity Ingredient Alternative Notes
8 oz Cream Cheese    
1 lb Feta Cheese   Crumbled 
1 Cup Lemon Juice    
1/2 Cup Olive Oil    
1/4 Teaspoon Pepper   Ground white pepper 
4 Whole Peppers (Red)   Diced and roasted 
2 Teaspoon Tabasco Sauce    
1 Cup Whipping Cream   Half and half