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Seafood Recipe Recipe Contains Dairy Products
A delicious way to prepare Black Grouper or another fish.

Credits: Eat Greek Tonight

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Psari Ingredients
Order Quantity Ingredient Alternative Notes
1 lb Black Grouper   Fresh 
1/4-1/2 lb Cheese ( Feta )   Cubed 
3 Clove Garlic   Diced 
1/2 Cup Olives ( Black )    
1 Whole Peppers ( Green )   Red or yellow, seeded and cubed 
1 Medium Shallots   Cut into lrg, 1/2" pieces 
1 lb Tomatoes   Plum 
1/4 Cup Wine ( White )    
Psari Directions
Cut the filets into approx. 1 1/2 inch cubes.

Put all ingredients into a metal boat/sizzler.

Splash to taste a very high quality extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (It has a nice buttery flavour).

Put in oven until fish is slightly flakey.

Serve scampi style in the boats and juices.

Finish with the addition of cubes of Feta to taste.

This is an outstandingly beautiful dish.

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