Avga Mesa se Patates

Baked Potatoes with Eggs

Servings: 4


Quantity Ingredient Alternative Notes
3/4 Cup Butter (Unsalted)    
8 Whole Egg    
1-2 Pinch Pepper   Coarse, To Taste 
4 Medium Potatoes    
2-3 Pinch Salt   Coarse, To Taste 
Wash the potatoes and wrap in aluminum foil.
Place in a baking pan with coarse salt and bake at 325F for about 1 hour.
When done, unwrap the potatoes and cut in half.
Remove approx. 1/2 the insides and set aside in a bowl.
Mix with the butter and scoop back into the potato halves.
Break an egg onto each half and backe again in a medium oven for about 10 minutes.
Serve hot topped with the coarse pepper.