Servings: 10


Quantity Ingredient Alternative Notes
8 Cup Milk   Lactaid Non-Fat or Skim 
1 Envelope Powdered Milk    
3/4 Cup Yogurt   Plain, with Active Cultures 
Put milk into the top of a double boiler and add the dry milk.
Stir until dry milk is dissolved.
You may heat milk directly in a suitable pan but be careful not to scorch it.
Heat mixture to 190-200 degrees on a candy thermometer.
Stir occasionally.
Do not scald.
Cover with close fitting lid. The close fitting lid will prevent the formation of a skin on the surface of the cooling milk.
Set aside and let cool to 110-115 degrees.
Cooling may take over one hour.
While the milk is cooling, set up about 8 or 9 glass cups (or similar) of appropriate capacity with lids.
When the milk has cooled to 110-115 degrees, put the Dannon yogurt into a small bowl and add about the same quantity of the warm milk and stir until smooth.
Add yogurt to the cooled milk and stir once or twice.
Immediately fill the glasses and set aside to a warm draft-free place and cover with a small blanket or similar.
Personally, I put them into the oven which has had the chill taken off but is not hot.
Do not disturb for 4-6 hours.
When yogurt has set, transfer to refrigerator.
The yogurt will keep very nicely for two or more weeks.
The yogurt you have prepared may also now be used to prepare the next batch of yogurt.
Note: The dry milk will add milk solids to the yogurt, otherwise the resulting yogurt will be unsatisfactorily thin.
Heating the milk is necessary to kill bacteria which are harmful to the growth of yogurt cultures.