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Youvarelakia Avgolemono
Boiled meat ball soup

Servings: 5

Credits: Eat Greek Tonight

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Youvarelakia Avgolemono Ingredients
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1/2 lb Beef ( Ground )    
3/4 Cup Bread ( (Crumbs) )    
1 Pinch Dill   To Taste 
3 Whole Egg ( Whole )    
3/4 Cup Flour ( All Purpose )    
2 Whole Lemons   Juiced 
1 Pinch Mint   To Taste 
2-3 Tablespoon Oil ( Olive )    
1 Medium Onions ( White )   Finely Chopped 
2-3 Pinch Parsley   To Taste 
1-2 Pinch Pepper   To Taste 
1/2 Cup Rice    
2-3 Pinch Salt   To Taste 
Youvarelakia Avgolemono Directions
Knead together the ground beef, rice, bread crumbs,onion and seasonings..

Form the mixture into small balls and roll them in the flour.

Put the balls in a pot of boiling water or stock and add the olive oil and a little lemon juice.

Cook for 25-30 minutes.

In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and while still beating, slowly add the remaining lemon juice.

Slowly beat in some stock from the pot.

Slowly add this mixture back into the pot with the meat balls and continue stirring for one or two minutes.

Do not let boil.

Serve hot.

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